Memorizing German phrases and texts is maybe some of the boring and ugly issues within the strategy of language studying. However even this half may be made nice and never as troublesome because it appears at first look. In case you observe the system and method the method together with your head, then you may rapidly be taught numerous German phrases and texts in a reasonably quick time.

Essentially the most rapidly memorized German phrases that sound related of their native language, for instance, der Schlagbaum, die Submit, das Tunnel, and so forth.

Or internationalism phrases that take their roots primarily in Latin: der Puls, die Evolution, and so forth. There received’t be many issues with these phrases.

However what about these phrases and texts in German that don’t resonate in any respect with their native language?

Methods to rapidly be taught German phrases?

1. The primary approach is the association method.

The very first thing that successfully disposes to rapidly memorize German phrases is the creation of associations. Furthermore, these may be photos which can be comprehensible solely to you, associated to your private expertise.

An instance of utilizing associations methodology:

For instance, the expression “von Beruf” (by occupation) was related to the title of rely by one of many college students – that is how she remembered it. Unusually, now it’s unlikely to fly out of her head. It can be associations of German phrases for related sounding. For instance, the German phrase “brauchen” (to wish) is just like the Russian phrase “took”. You possibly can think about that an individual took one thing as a result of he wanted it. And so forth, by analogy.

Sensible Train # 1:

To observe memorizing German phrases rapidly, give you associations for the next row of phrases, after which you may evaluate them with ours:

  1. Sagen (to talk)
  2. Der Käse (cheese)
  3. Der Rock (skirt)
  4. klatschen (to knock, to applaud)
  5. Sich rasieren (shave)

2. The second approach: antonyms and visualization

Additionally, their antonyms will allow you to rapidly be taught German phrases, particularly if they’re adjectives: weiß – schwarz (white-black), klug – dumm (good – silly), and so forth. Furthermore, memorizing new German phrases, it’s higher to strengthen them with visualization – i.e. the picture of the phrase being studied. Particular vocabulary playing cards are very appropriate for this:

New German phrases supported by an image are simpler to recollect, as a result of create in reminiscence a further lever for memorization. The notion of German phrases by ear additionally helps, for instance, you may pronounce the studied phrase out loud your self, or embrace particular audio information within the studying course of.

3. The third approach: semantic chains

One other technique to rapidly be taught German phrases and texts is to create semantic chains. To do that, we choose the principle German phrase, to which we are able to bind an entire sequence of phrases.

An instance of utilizing semantic chaining:

Let it’s the German phrase “das Wetter” (climate). The next phrases are related to this phrase: der Winter, der Frühling, der Herbst, der Sommer. For every phrase we choose our personal associative array: der Winter – die Weihnachten, die Schnee, das Eis, kalt, and so forth. As well as, to make memorization efficient, you may construct the only sentences:

Es ist Winter. Im Winter ist es kalt. Es gibt immer viel Schnee. Im Winter feiert man Weihnachten.

Sensible Train # 2:

As an train, compose your associative sequence for every season, in addition to a couple of sentences for a pattern.

On this approach, it is extremely straightforward to memorize phrases which can be utterly unrelated in that means.

An instance of rapidly memorizing German phrases:

For instance, you might want to memorize the next German phrases:

  • die Zeitung,
  • die Speise,
  • dämmern,
  • der Kellner.

Now let’s attempt to compose a sentence from these German phrases:

Es dämmert und Kellner liest eine Zeitung über eine neue Speise.

Don’t take into consideration the wording of sentences in German, the principle factor is that it has a that means that you just perceive. Paradoxically, the weirder the wording, the higher the memorization.

4. The fourth approach: sticky notes

For fast memorization of German phrases, the strategy utilizing paper-stickers has confirmed itself properly. On small items of paper, you write phrases that, for some motive, are troublesome to recollect and paste them across the condominium. Thus, they so typically catch your eye that it will likely be troublesome to not bear in mind them.

Additionally very efficient are multiple-choice workouts, wherein you might want to select one from a number of choices.